Feohanagh & Cuas (2 hamlets)

Distance from Dingle Way: 0.0 km

Restaurant | Café Pub Public Phone

At the north-west tip of the Dingle Peninsula, small townlands start to merge with one another. Feohanagh and Cuas are two of these that have small dispersed communities. There is very little in the way of public facilities with just two pubs that are several kilometres apart.

Brandon Creek can be found near Cuas and is reputed to be the place from where Saint Brendan set sail across the Atlantic Ocean to discover North America in the 6th Century. This journey was simulated in 1976 by Tim Severin when he also set sail from Brandon Creek in a similar leather skinned vessel to prove that the feat was possible. He completed his sailing to land in Newfoundland.

Looming over the communities of both Feohanagh and Cuas is Mount Brandon. The Dingle Way traverses the saddle between it and Masatiompan.

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