Baggage Transfers

Some Words of Advice

Carrying a heavy rucksack is a huge contributary factor to the development of blisters on both the shoulders and feet. If you are new to long-distance trail-walking then the best advice is to have your overnight bag transported from one accommodation to the next. This will make a massive difference in the overall enjoyment of your holiday. If you feel fine after completing the Dingle Way, then you can weigh up the pros and cons of carrying a full bag on your next adventure.

Those who are determined in carrying their own rucksack, please make sure to properly build up your strength and fitness prior to the Dingle Way. Never leave it until starting the trail to try carrying your full load for the first time! A Maximum Weight of 12-15kg is recommended for carrying on any hike.

Bed and Breakfast Network

For many years now, a lot of the bed and breakfasts along the Dingle Way have operated a baggage transfer service between themselves. For 2008, the average price that can be expected for a "baggage drop" is between €15 and €20. This rate will vary though depending on the distance to the next accommodation. The price generally covers the car-trip regardless of however many bags need to be transported.

To find out which establishments offer this service, check each of the individual listings in the Accommodation Section.

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