Brandon (hamlet)

Distance from Dingle Way: 0.0 km

Restaurant | Café Pub

Brandon is a small fishing village overlooking Brandon Bay and has a quay still used by local fishermen. The main road running across the north of the Dingle Peninsula has eventually tapered off by the time it gets to Brandon and because there are no more communities along the road after here, there is a tremenduous serenity in the area. Although there are no restaurants in the village, both pubs in the vacinity serve food, with seafood being a prominent dish.

Brandon is linked by name-sake to Saint Brendan who was ordained a priest in 512AD and is believed to have discovered America many centuries before Columbus was even born. In a famous television documentary in 1976, adventurer Tim Severin reconstructed a boat similar to what Saint Brendan would have sailed to see whether it could have been possible for his craft to have completed such a journey. Severins attempt was successful and has contributed to the belief that in fact Saint Brendan was the first European to reach the Americas.

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