Inch (hamlet)

Distance from Dingle Way: 0.3 km

Grocery Shop Restaurant | Café Pub

Famous for being the place where an inch is actually three miles long, the fantastic beach at Inch has been chosen several times as a film location. Hollywood movies that are familiar household names include "Ryan's Daughter" and "Playboy of the Western World". With continuous barrage of long rolling waves that come crashing ashore, it is easy to see why this dramatic setting has been picked time and time again.

A popular attraction for bird-watchers is the nature reserve behind the banks of sand dunes on the strand. These wetlands are important wintering grounds for many ducks and waders.

Similar to other villages on the Dingle Peninsula, Inch is dispersed over a wide area rather than having a nucleus where everything is gathered. Facilities such as pubs and eating places are scattered along the seafront. There are in fact three pubs and a restaurant in the area.

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